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About PrettyDreams

PrettyDreams Academy and Hospitality services (formerly prettyDreams Catering & Events) was established in January 2006. Its objective is to provide food and beverage services; Academic and hospitality support services in the industry.

PrettyDreams Academy
PrettyDreams Academy is a vocational training school offering professional and recreational courses in Catering and Events Management. PrettyDreams Academy is approved by the Lagos state Ministry of Education to provide qualitative vocational skills and crafts ; and produce self dependent youth who will be distinguished based on their expertise. The school was established by Mrs Mariam Toyin-Lawal, a graduate Business Management, with extensive training in catering, hospitality services and entrepreneurship management.
PrettyDreams Academy's strength in establishing a quality education consists of professional Chef instructors from various background and specialised culture in the culinary industry.

Vision statement
To be at the forefront of vocational skill acquisition  and raise self dependent entrepreneurs who will be distinguished based on their expertise.

Mission statement
To constantly produce new talents within the hospitality industry, update culinary skills and learn new trends to stay competitive in the industry

PrettyDreams Hospitality Service
The Hospitality services offers support services to other hospitality company in the industry. The services provided are human resources recruitment,  staff training, menu designing, equipment procurement and leasing. PrettyDreams hospitality support services has  enjoyed good patronage from notable eateries, restaurant,  food manufacturing companies and hotels both within nigeria and abroad, who mostly requests for our graduates for employment.
All outstanding students  are guaranteed automatic job placements.  Students who wished to start their own businesses after graduation also benefit from renting necessary equipments at a discounted rate.